Dr. Abraham took an interest in holistic medicine over several years, during the process of recovering from a mysterious and debilitating illness that cut short his professional ski racing career. This journey led him to a new path, with a goal to helping people overcome their physical struggles while regaining optimal health.

He now takes a holistic approach to health care, with a focus on osteopathic manipulation and functional medicine, to treat the body as a dynamic, integrated system. His goal is to find the underlying cause of illness and intervene as far upstream in the disease process as possible. He recognizes and believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and so he focuses his treatments on restoring the body’s natural function in order to allow it to achieve optimal health.

Dr. Abraham grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, and after college in Minnesota, pursued his ski racing career. During his recovery from the illness that took him away from the ski racing circuit, he met several health care practitioners who ultimately shaped his philosophy of health and medicine. He then attended osteopathic medical school at Pacific Northwest University in Yakima, Washington, and did rotations in Boise during his third and fourth year in medical school.

Fortuitously, his first rotation was with Dr. Peine at Peine Osteopathic. Dr. Peine opened his eyes to the healing potential of osteopathic manipulation and he became a mentor who inspired his focus on manipulative training. Dr. Abraham is thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to work alongside his mentor, role model and friend.