Our Covid-19 Policies

Our office has implemented several policies in response to Covid-19. We review and revise these policies on a regular basis in response to current CDC, government, and professional society recommendations as well as the activity of the disease in our community. Our current policies are summarized as follows:

  • In order to minimize the risk of transmission of coronavirus to our staff and other patients, we ask that you please observe the following procedure when you arrive for your visit:
    1. Please bring a mask with you to your visit and put it on before entering the building. Masks are required.
    2. Use hand sanitizer at the front desk immediately upon arrival.
    3. Complete the Review of Systems form using the provided pen and clipboard.
    4. Return to your vehicle and wait for your appointment.
  • All our practitioners are seeing patients in the office during normal business hours.
  • Dr. Abraham is continuing to offer telemedicine visits for patients who would prefer to stay at home. Telemedicine services are only available for functional medicine and LDI therapies. Please call the office if you’d like to schedule a telemedicine visit. If you have an existing in-person appointment you’d like to change to telemedicine, please notify the office by phone at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time.
  • Patients wishing to see Dr. Peine or Dr. Abraham for osteopathic treatments will need to schedule in-person office visits.

Thank you for your attention to these policies. Like many other recent changes, we recognize they may be an inconvenience. However, with your cooperation they will help us achieve our goal of continuing to operate our clinic with as little risk to ourselves and other patients as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office by phone and our staff will be glad to help you.

Helpful Resources

City of Good
(208) 252-5175  //  cityofgood.com

Jesse Tree
(208) 383-9486  //  jessetreeidaho.org

Faces of Hope
(208) 577-4400  //  Facesofhopevictimcenter.org

Peine Osteopathic Medicine is the medical practice created by Christopher Peine, D.O., to provide patients with quality, comprehensive care and assist with the attainment of optimal health.

Dr. Peine utilizes a traditional osteopathic approach emphasizing structural balance and biomechanical function along with collaboration with primary care physicians and other specialists to provide patients with accurate diagnoses and safe, effective treatment.

Our goal is to empower and educate patients who wish to make positive changes in their lives to support health, well-being, and happiness. We work to accomplish this goal with each patient by addressing the foundations of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, beliefs/self-care, and relationships, as well as through carefully chosen therapeutic modalities and collaboration with other professionals.

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