COVID-19 Policies

  1. Office hours and operations are greatly reduced until further notice. Staff are present only on a very limited basis to provide the essential functions of our practice.
  2. Dr. Peine will only be seeing patients on a very limited basis. If you have an appointment scheduled with Dr. Peine, the office will be contacting you by phone to cancel and/or reschedule your appointment. Due to the high risk of infection, Dr. Peine will only see patients who need to be seen urgently. Routine office visits will be postponed. If you are a new patient or have a condition which you feel warrants urgent attention, please contact the office by phone or via the Patient Portal. We will contact you as soon as possible to make arrangements for you to be evaluated.
  3. Dr. Abraham and Melissa Walsh, PA-C will continue to see patients for functional medicine and LDI only via teleconference. If you have an appointment scheduled for the next three weeks, your appointment time will remain unchanged. You will receive an email with a link to connect with the teleconference platform. Instructions for using the platform will be included. Please save the email. It is the only way you will be able to have your visit. If you have a conflict or do not wish to have a telemedicine visit, please notify the office.
  4. If you have a visit scheduled with Dr. Abraham for osteopathic manipulation only, your visit will be cancelled due to the increased risk of infection.
  5. If you have a general health concern or need evaluation for any other reason, Melissa Walsh, PA-C is available by appointment via teleconference. Please call the office for an appointment or use the online scheduler on our website.
  6. Please use the Patient Portal for communication whenever possible. Our staff will continue to check portal messages on a daily basis and respond as quickly as possible. Phone messages may take longer than normal to receive a response.
  7. If you are being treated with LDI, the office will be open for a very limited time for you to pick up your LDI dose(s). The office will be open from 2 pm–5 pm on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

Peine Osteopathic Medicine is the medical practice created by Christopher Peine, D.O., to provide patients with quality, comprehensive care and assist with the attainment of optimal health.

Dr. Peine utilizes a traditional osteopathic approach emphasizing structural balance and biomechanical function along with collaboration with primary care physicians and other specialists to provide patients with accurate diagnoses and safe, effective treatment.

Our goal is to empower and educate patients who wish to make positive changes in their lives to support health, well-being, and happiness. We work to accomplish this goal with each patient by addressing the foundations of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, beliefs/self-care, and relationships, as well as through carefully chosen therapeutic modalities and collaboration with other professionals.

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The landscape images throughout this website were photographed by Dr. Chris Peine.